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Russia Forces Google to Delete Masses of Links Amid Ukraine Invasion * TorrentFreak

google russiaBetween 2011 and 2013, protests took place in Russia in response to allegations of election-rigging and a lack of civil liberties in Russia.

The protests were targeted at Vladimir Putin so, in return, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) made requests to local social media giant vKontakte to begin blocking opposition groups on the basis they were trying to organize a revolution.

A fight for control of the online narrative began. In late 2012, Russia passed legislation enabling it to blacklist and block websites, publications, and online news outlets that dared to have opinions of their own.

Russian authorities later expanded their mission to include copyrighted material and in 2017, after the government concluded that circumvention tools were undermining efforts to control what is said and ultimately thought in the country, Russia introduced a new law to crack down on VPNs, Tor, anonymizers, proxies, allowing them to be blocked too.

Services that located themselves within…

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