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Russia ‘Humanizes’ Criminal Copyright Law, ‘Large Scale’ Piracy Cut By 25% * TorrentFreak

rus-vpn-sSome believe that all laws amount to restrictions on freedom, while laws that claim to grant freedom merely give back what shouldn’t have been taken in the first place.

Yet, even those freedom-returning laws, for which all shall be grateful, seem to be a dwindling minority these days.

Often overshadowed by increasingly complex legislation mandating or prohibiting this behavior or that, freedom isn’t what it used to be. Especially online, where monitoring systems gather pace to ensure future compliance. It’s still relative, however.

Russia “Humanizes” Penalties for Criminal Copyright Infringement

After passing a minimum of 50 anti-democratic laws to ‘safeguard’ democracy, regardless of the impact on citizens’ freedoms and their human rights, Russia’s record over the past 15 years speaks for itself. That’s useful since speech itself faces considerable challenges under Putin’s watch.

Those who refer to the…

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