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Russia Piracy Takedowns Up By 100%, “Western Rightsholders to Blame” * TorrentFreak

rus-vpn-srus-vpn-sRussian media outlets are reporting that the volume of pirated content on the internet doubled between 2022 and 2023. That’s not exactly true, or indeed true at all.

The claims are based on data supplied by local telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor. Speaking with Izvestia, the government agency said it blocked or deleted more than a million links to infringing content in 2023, more than double the amount blocked or deleted during the previous year.

While 1.1 million links is a notable uplift over the 485,000 reported in 2022, removal or blocking of links to allegedly-infringing content is just that. The infringing content itself, such as movies, TV shows, music, or indeed anything else, remains unaffected. New links to the same content may reappear and face deletion once again; that would increase the number of links being taken down, but in itself wouldn’t show that piracy volumes had increased.

Not that a small clarification makes the Russian piracy situation any easier to…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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