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Russian Registry Revokes TorrentGalaxy’s Domain Name for Unknown Reasons * TorrentFreak

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Popular torrent site TorrentGalaxy has lost control of its .su domain name after the Russian Institute for Public Networks revoked the Soviet TLD without warning. Without an official explanation the true motivation remains unknown, but TorrentGalaxy’s operator believes that the action might be related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

.su registryThe Soviet Union was dissolved more than thirty years ago, but the former transcontinental state still has its own .su TLD.

The .su domain extension isn’t exactly mainstream. There are a little over 100,000 active domains, with .su extensions reportedly proving popular among cybercriminals.

Experts have cited outdated terms and a lack of enforcement as historical reasons for the cybercrime appeal. However, recent actions show that the Russian Institute for Public Networks, which maintains the .su domain, can certainly intervene.

TorrentGalaxy Loses Control over .SU Domain

A few days ago popular torrent site…

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