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Russia’s Forced Licensing Plan For ‘Enemy’ Content “Legalizes Piracy” * TorrentFreak

warningSince February 24, 2022, Russia’s troops have poured death and destruction on Ukraine. There are no obvious signs to suggest that the conflict will end anytime soon.

Part of the early response from Ukraine’s allies was to impose sanctions on Russia, to weaken the country’s ability and will to wage war. Companies in many sectors suspended or terminated business in Russia, including prominent entertainment industry players.

As a result, new US-owned movies dried up, leaving the entire Russian cinema industry in crisis. Some venues began screening pirated movies downloaded from torrent sites but the move was criticized by local cinema groups who were saddened by a return to the unlicensed entertainment “dark days” of 30 years ago.

Russia’s Intellectual Property Crisis

While Russia is still trading with select countries, those that have imposed sanctions (‘enemy’ or ‘hostile’ countries, says Russia) are key suppliers of entertainment media, software, and other…

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