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Samsung Galaxy S22 Revealed

The samsung galaxy S22 ultra has finally been revealed in the flesh and it looks just like the note 20 ultra!

The samsung galaxy s22 ultra was revealed in all its glory thanks to a fresh leak from Jon Prosser of front page tech. For once it turns out that all the leaks were correct showing us a full screen phone with a new camera system on the back. It was also covered in detail from TT Technology

S22 Ultra Rear

The rear of the phone showcases the new waterdrop style camera lenses which are a big change from the bold module found in its predecessor. We also got confirmation from the leak that the camera system consists of a 108MP main sensor, a 12MP ultrawide and 2 10MP telephoto cameras. One of the telephoto cameras has a 10x optical zoom lens and the other has a 3x zoom lense providing plenty of photography oppertunities.

S22 Ultra front

On the front of the galaxy s22 ultra we can see it pretty much looks identical to the note 20 ultra. We have a full screen display with minimal bezel all round although there is a slight chin at the bottom. The Angle the photo was taken at makes it hard to judge the side bezels & the top bezel but they do look to be incredibly thin. This is the first time samsung have merged the Note and the S line, meaning not only will the S22 Ultra please those who want a large phone, but its also going to be a great choice for those missing the note line. The whole form factor is a lot more square than we are used to from an “S” range phone but personally i think it looks grate and cant wait until its released.

S22 Ultra Design

The bottom shot confirms that the s22 ultra will indeed be housing the S-Pen over on the right hand side next to the speaker grill. It also confirms USB type-C charging and a downward firing speaker. The device we have here is clearly a test model but given that mass production is set to start in December it should be pretty identical to the final consumer model.

With launch expected in January 2022 its not long until we get all the details from Samsung, and for those wanting to know the full specs now you can check this article from TT Technology that covers everything. Of course i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments, so who out there is excited for the Galaxy S22 Ultra? and what do you think of its new design?

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