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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Take Aim at AI Freeloading * TorrentFrea

yodayodaOver the past year, artificial intelligence enjoyed its mainstream breakthrough.

The instant success of ChatGPT and follow-up releases of other large language model-based tools kickstarted what many believe is a new revolution.

By now it is clear that AI offers endless possibilities. At the same time, however, it has ignited many new worries. Copyright holders, in particular, are concerned that their work is being used as training models but without permission.

‘Piracy-Trained’ AI Models

Over the past few months, we have seen a variety of copyright lawsuits, many of which were filed by writers. These cases target ChatGPT’s OpenAI but other platforms are targeted as well. A key allegation in these complaints is that the AI was trained using pirated books.

For example, several authors have just filed an amended complaint against Meta, alleging that the company continued to train its AI on pirated books despite concerns from its own legal team.

This clash between AI and…

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