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Screener of Japan’s Oscar Contender “Drive My Car” Leaks Online * TorrentFreak

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Pirated copies of Japan’s Oscar contender “Drive my Car” appeared online over the past few hours. The critically acclaimed film may very well be the first Oscar screener to leak after physical copies were banned by the Academy. At the same time, the pirate release group “OSCAR” comes with an interesting angle too.

oscarsAt the end of the year, movie industry insiders traditionally receive their screener copies, which they use to vote on the Oscars and other awards.

This used to be a massive logistics operation as tens of thousands of physical discs had to be sent through the mail. That is no longer the case.

Physical Screener Ban

Last year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this week that physical screeners will no longer be allowed in 2021. According to the Academy, the transition is part of its sustainability efforts.

This decision was also the death sentence for the popular DVDSCR tag many pirates have followed closely for years….

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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