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Serie A Legal Action Claims Cloudflare Helps Pirates Evade Piracy Shield * TorrentFreak

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Billed as the most advanced anti-piracy system ever, Italy’s Piracy Shield had no chance of living up to the hype. It transpires that just eight weeks after its launch early February, top tier football league Serie A filed a complaint at an Italian court accusing Cloudflare of providing “services to pirates” that undermine Piracy Shield. In parallel, the system is already exceeding blocking limits agreed with ISPs. Now the law needs to be changed, so domains and IPs can be unblocked to free up capacity.

cloudflare logoDuring the first week of April 2024, the CEO of top Italian football league Serie A was brimming with confidence.

Luigi De Siervo said that Piracy Shield, Italy’s brand new anti-piracy blocking system, was having such an effect that “No pirate can sleep peacefully.” Those who doubted its capabilities, he implied, should note what Serie A investigators were seeing on pirate Telegram channels after the system’s launch;…

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