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Setback for Bell Canada in $400m Movie Piracy Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

warningOn January 2, 2015, a new system designed to assist copyright holders and better protect consumers went live in Canada.

Under the ‘Notice and Notice’ regime, ISPs are required to forward rightsholders’ copyright infringement notices to subscribers, in most cases those linked to the downloading and sharing of movies using BitTorrent. While generally considered a step forward, some warned that aggressive rightsholders would leverage the system to benefit themselves.

Late 2018, after some companies did exactly that, the Canadian government amended the Copyright Act to prohibit the inclusion of settlement demands in warning notices. Since then, rightsholders have filed dozens of applications at Federal Court to obtain the identities of tens of thousands of subscribers – many of whom were alleged notice recipients – so they could be sent cash settlement demands.

Same Core Companies, Same Core Business Model

Companies including Millennium Funding, Outpost Productions,…

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