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Shueisha DMCA Subpoena Targets Two Dozen Manga Piracy Sites * TorrentFreak

manga-pirates-sAny content that can be digitized is immediately vulnerable to being pirated. The speed and scale at which that happens is ultimately governed by two key factors; how easily the content can be obtained, copied, and distributed, and how popular the content is with consumers.

In this respect, Japanese comics, better known as manga, effortlessly earn top marks across the board. That has led to unprecedented levels of piracy on what appears to be a near perfect consumer product, one for which ongoing demand is relentless.

Based in Japan, the leading manga publishers are facing a monumental struggle, and not only due to the scale of the infringement. Enforcement challenges exist at almost every turn, in particular the overseas locations of the largest pirate sites and the apparent reluctance of local authorities to intervene in any meaningful way.

What the publishers aren’t doing is giving up. Authorized Books of Japan (ABJ), which represents companies including Shueisha, Kadokawa ,…

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