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Site Blocking Fallout Keeps GitHub Unusable for Some Indians * TorrentFreak

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Website blocking is used in dozens of countries to prevent the public from easily accessing pirate sites. This is also true in India, where many thousands of sites have been rendered inaccessible, including developer platform GitHub. While the underlying court order was reversed many months ago, some Indians continue to have trouble accessing parts of the website.

github barredgithub barredLike many other countries around the world, India’s copyright law allows rightsholders to limit access to pirate sites.

Major entertainment industry companies regularly obtain injunctions that require local Internet providers to block websites to prevent piracy.

In essence, these measures are straightforward as specific domains are identified for blocking. However, injunctions can be issued before infringements take place and can be dynamic or temporary, depending on the situation.

In the early years, blocking injunctions were used as a blunt instrument, instructing…

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