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Sky ‘Free NOW TV’ Security Hole Exposed For Months, Researcher Claims * TorrentFreak

holeRightsholders consider piracy of live TV channels as one of the most serious threats to their business.

Subscription channels often end up in IPTV subscription packages, sold to the public at a fraction of the cost after being obtained by pirates using both legal and illegal means. In some cases streams are obtained directly from broadcasters’ official source servers, something that is surprisingly common and, with the right tools, not especially difficult either.

Early this week, TorrentFreak was contacted by an anonymous source who explained how, in their words, “one of the biggest broadcasters in Europe (and in the world) completely ignores how people can watch all of its live channels (in the UK, Germany and Italy) without even having an account.”

Telegram Groups Selling NOW TV Decryption Keys

NOW TV is a subscription OTT TV service operated by Sky Group. Launched in the UK back in 2012, NOW TV is also available elsewhere in Europe, including Italy and Germany. In…

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