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Sky Italia Targets Pirate Streaming App VancedFlix Through GitHub * TorrentFreak

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GitHub has removed the popular pirate streaming app VancedFlix from its servers in response to a takedown notice sent by Sky Italia. The request targets a similarly named repository on the developer platform, as well as the app’s APK file that’s linked under the download button on the official site

vancedlogovancedlogoLegal video streaming platforms such as Amazon, Disney, and Netflix have gained massive userbases in recent years.

Not everyone is willing or able to pay for multiple subscriptions, however, which in turn has helped to create a flourishing market for pirate streaming tools.

These pirate services often use slick designs and easy-to-use apps that appeal to a broad audience. And unlike the legal options, they offer all popular titles under the same roof, without charging a subscription fee. Needless to say, rightsholders are not happy with this competition.


VancedFlix is one of many unlicensed apps available today and in…

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