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Sky Obtains Novel Injunction to Prevent Piracy of Live Sports & ‘House of the Dragon’ * TorrentFreak

pirate tvFor more than a decade, Sky has found its ISP division named as a respondent in injunction applications filed at the High Court in London.

With the aim of reducing availability of pirated content, U.S. movie studios, recording labels, publishers, and more recently gaming company Nintendo, have named Sky and rival ISPs including Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet and EE, as facilitators of their customers’ piracy habits.

The adversarial nature of such applications has long given way to a process that establishes ongoing infringement, formalizes the ISPs’ knowledge of that infringement, and then considers them ‘innocent infringers’ required to prevent infringement using various blocking measures.

Those who obtain the blockades insist they’re effective, hence the dozens of requests and thousands of online locations blocked over the last 13+ years.

Sky as Both Applicant and Respondent

As a content producer and owner in its own right, Sky is an enthusiastic supporter of…

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