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Sky Targets Sky Go & Now TV Decryption Key Software as Piracy Wars Continue * TorrentFreak

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Early this week, an anti-piracy company working for Sky TV spotted two pieces of software being made available online and immediately rushed to take them down. Targeting streaming services Sky Go and Now TV, the tools allow users to log in to the platforms via a terminal window, browse the available content, then extract decryption keys for both live TV channels and VOD titles.

encrypted-lock-sSky has fought piracy mechanisms of all kinds over the years. From set-top box modifications to viewing card tampering, blocking, even full PC-based emulation, the pay TV company has seen it all.

Exploits that are relatively easy to pull off and work at scale are considered serious threats. Last month we reported on the sale of Sky encryption keys on platforms including Telegram. That type of thing has been going on for some time, but over the space of a few days, direct URLs to watch Sky content in the UK, Italy, and Germany, were posted online and inevitably began to…

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