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Sky Tries to Remove ‘Pirate’ IPTV App “CucoTV” from GitHub * TorrentFreak

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UK media giant Sky has asked GitHub to remove the website and APK file of the popular IPTV application CucoTV. The developer platform responded by taking a CucoTV repository offline. However, the application’s main website, which is hosted on GitHub, remains up and running.

cucotvWith 70 million users and over 200 million code repositories, GitHub is the largest online developer platform of its kind.

The site is used by individual coders and large organizations to host visually any piece of code imaginable. In addition, GitHub pages can also be used as a hosting service for websites.

While most projects are perfectly legitimate, there are some that attract negative attention. Every week, GitHub receives dozens of takedown notices from copyright holders who claim that their content is published or linked to without permission.

These complaints often refer to code or files that are hosted in a GitHub repository. In some cases, the targeted projects…

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