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Soap2Day Shuts Down, Millions of Pirate Movie & TV Streamers Homeless * TorrentFreak

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Soap2Day, one of the world’s most popular pirate streaming sites, has unexpectedly shut down. Via numerous domains, many put in place to avoid site-blocking measures and search engine delisting and deindexing programs, Soap2Day serviced around 108 million visits per month. Other than a statement that the site will close forever, no reason has been provided for the shutdown.

soap2day-logoSoap2Day, one of the most popular movie and TV show pirate streaming sites on the Internet, says it has closed down ‘forever’

Official domains including,,,,,,,,, plus the site’s domain uptime advisory pages at and, all display the same shutdown message.

Hello guys: We have decided to close soap2day forever. We are very sorry :) Bye – Soap2day Team


Other than the message above, the Soap2Day team has provided no additional details on the site’s sudden…

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