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Soccer is The Number One Gateway Sport to Online Streaming Piracy * TorrentFreak

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A new report published by Synamedia shows that soccer is the number one gateway sport to other forms of sports piracy. This is also true for the US where soccer has a relatively smaller audience. India is the only exception in the researched countries, with cricket as the main piracy gateway. In the Middle East, meanwhile, pirated camel racing streams are thriving.

ball oldWhile pirated Hollywood blockbusters often score the big headlines, there are several other industries that have been battling piracy over the years. This includes sports organizations.

Sports piracy often comes with the added challenge that it mostly affects live events. This means that takedowns and other disruption efforts have to be near to instant.

In recent years many sports leagues have lobbied for stronger enforcement options and have already booked some successes. For example, the EU Parliament recently adopted a report that calls for new rules that require online services to…

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