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Sony Music Goes After Piracy Portal ‘Hikari-no-Akari’ * TorrentFreak

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Hikari-no-Akari, a long-established and popular pirate site that specializes in Japanese music, is being targeted in U.S. federal court by Sony Music. The Japanese branch of the music company obtained a DMCA subpoena that requires Cloudflare to share all details it has on the site’s alleged operators.

peacekeeperHikari-no-Akari (HnA) is one of those specialized pirate sites that has managed to build up a dedicated audience over the years.

The music download portal, which links to externally hosted files, has been operating for well over a decade and currently draws more than a million monthly visits.

In addition to the public-facing part of the site, HnA also has a private forum and Discord channel. These have been notoriously difficult to get into, as they only sporadically open their doors to a limited number of new members.

“Their Discord is like an inter-dimensional portal that only opens during a certain planetary alignment,” a Reddit user wrote last…

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