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Spain’s Pirate Site Blocking Machine: Domains Blocked 2012

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The Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission (S2CPI) is the body responsible for Spain’s administrative pirate site blocking program. Since its launch in 2012, S2CPI has received almost 843 applications and issued instructions for local ISPs to block hundreds of ‘pirate’ domains. One site in particular has kept the authorities disproportionately busy.

spainIn common with a growing list of EU Member States, Spain operates an ongoing domain blocking program with the aim of reducing traffic to pirate sites.

Amendments to Spain’s Copyright Act (Law No. 2/2011) led to the formation of an administrative body known as the Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission (S2CPI).

Launched in 2012 under Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, S2CPI has the authority to issue instructions which require local internet service providers to restrict access to pirate sites. The process begins when rightsholders file an…

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