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Spammers Use Epic Games Website to Promote ‘Piracy’ Scams * TorrentFreak

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Scammers are using the Epic Games website to trick people into signing up for fishy pirate streaming subscriptions or downloading dubious files. This SEO ‘hack’ scam, which exploits the gaming company’s public developer community, became prevalent after search engines began to downrank regular pirate sites.

fortnitefortniteA few years ago, Epic Games filed copyright infringement lawsuits against several Fortnite players who allegedly used cheats to gain an unfair advantage.

The legal campaign sent a clear signal to the gaming public that people who try to scam the system can get caught.

Today, these lawsuits have disappeared from the radar and it’s unknown whether the intended goal was achieved. What we do know, however, is that Epic Games is currently dealing with a new ‘scammer’ problem; one that has a copyright angle as well.

Epic Piracy Scam

Over the past several weeks, the developer community at the Epic Games website was overwhelmed with piracy-related…

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