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Star Trek Fan Blog Triggers New Entry in Automattic’s DMCA “Hall of Shame” * TorrentFreak

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For Star Trek fans, ‘La Sirena’ refers to the Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter that was prominently featured in the ‘Picard’ series. For people more interested in adult content, ‘La Sirena’ (69) is associated with a Venezuelan actress. The differences are clear but takedown company DMCA Piracy Prevention has trouble distinguishing between the two, which motivated Tumblr’s parent company Automattic to add the outfit to its DMCA “Hall of Shame”.

facepalmfacepalmAs one of the leading niche blog platforms, Tumblr receives thousands of DMCA takedown requests every year. Many of these point to copyright-infringing material, but not all.

Tumblr’s parent company Automattic is known to inspect all takedown notices carefully and has a track record of defending its users, whether abuse is intentional or not.

To set an example, the company occasionally highlights the worst offenders in its “Hall of Shame.” This overview of the worst offenders welcomed a new entry last…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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