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Startup Uses Blockchain and Pirate Sites to Pay Filmmakers Directly * TorrentFreak

white rabbitWhen we first read about White Rabbit years ago, we initially dismissed it as yet another attempt to make pirates voluntarily pay for the content they consume.

We have seen a few of these services come and go over the years. They all failed due to a lack of support from both content creators and pirates.

That White Rabbit first sought interest from the press during the 2018 “ICO craze” didn’t help either. At the time, there was an overload of creative blockchain ideas that raised millions of dollars. Most of these are no longer around today.

White Rabbit’s coin offering didn’t go particularly well either, but the project is far from gone. The company reinvented itself and, over the past few weeks, the service quietly launched in the UK, France, and Norway, with several movie companies and ‘unnamed’ pirate sites as partners.

White Rabbit Launched in Cannes

This process hasn’t been easy. The company had to win the trust of key movie industry players, who usually…

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