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Stream-Ripping Site Blocked in Brazil Following Criminal Complaint * TorrentFreak

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Popular stream-ripping site is being targeted in a criminal complaint in Brazil. As part of the proceeding, local ISPs have blocked access to the site, which hasn’t yet had a chance to defend itself in court. Under Brazilian law, Yout’s operator Johnathan Nader risks a multi-year prison sentence but both sides could work out a deal as well.

yout logoYouTube doesn’t have a download functionality but there are numerous ‘stream-ripping’ services available on the web that offer just that.

These tools have legal uses but they are also a thorn in the side of music industry outfits, who see them as a major piracy threat.

This concern was illustrated last year when an RIAA takedown notice wiped youtube-dl off GitHub, a decision that was eventually reversed. In addition, the music industry has taken legal action against several stream-ripping platforms, with some success. is one of the sites at the center of this battle. The site’s operator,…

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