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Streaming & DDL Piracy Fall But Cloud & Usenet Boosts Wipe Out Gains * TorrentFreak

ArcomArcomFor more than a decade, the French government has produced a report detailing the digital content consumption habits of French internet users.

Currently produced by telecoms regulator Arcom, the content consumption barometer report quantifies consumption of major content categories including movies, TV shows, live sports broadcasts, music, video games, software, and audiobooks, among others. It aims to profile consumers of content, map changes in consumption habits and sources, and gauge public perception of legal content availability. Arcom published the report’s 2023 edition yesterday.

Overall Exposure to Cultural Content

In terms of overall exposure to digital cultural and sporting content, the report estimates that 87% of internet users aged 15 and over, around 45 million people, were consumers in 2023. That’s up from 86% in 2022.

Of the dozen content categories covered in the report, movies were consumed by 55%, music by 50%, and TV series by 49%, meaning no change in…

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