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Subpoenas Targeted Over 35,000 Cloudflare Customer Domain Names in Six Months * TorrentFreak

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Cloudflare doesn’t remove anything in response to DMCA takedown notices unless it stores the content permanently on its network. However, the company will hand over the personal details of customers to copyright holders who obtain a DMCA subpoena. During the first half of 2021, civil subpoenas targeted hundreds of customers linked to more than 35,000 domains.

cloudflare logoPopular CDN and DDoS protection service Cloudflare has come under a lot of pressure from copyright holders in recent years.

The company offers its services to millions of sites. This includes multinationals, governments, but also some of the world’s leading pirate sites.

Not all rightsholders are happy with the latter. Some have accused Cloudflare of facilitating copyright infringement by continuing to provide access to these platforms. At the same time, they call out the CDN service for masking the true hosting locations of these ‘bad actors’.

Cloudflare sees things differently. The…

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