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Telecoms Regulator Gives Google a Week to Join IPTV Piracy Fight * TorrentFreak

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As local pay TV companies complain that pirate IPTV providers are using VPNs and public DNS services to evade blocking measures, Brazil’s telecoms regulator wants cooperation from Big Tech. Referencing a one-week deadline and potential legal action to force compliance, an Anatel advisor spoke of “giants” being notified, one with a name that begins with a ‘G’.

Bigtech-sAuthorities and rightsholders in Brazil say there will be no let up in their battle against all aspects of the illegal TV market. From pirate IPTV services and non-certified set-top boxes, to illegal streaming websites and pirate apps, all will face continued disruption.

Brazil’s National Film Agency (Ancine) and local telecoms regulator Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) announced a new anti-piracy partnership earlier this year, with the latter championing blocking measures as a key tool for bringing piracy under control.

Technical Measures Play to Pirates’ Strengths


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