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Telefónica & Nagra Team Up to Identify & Disrupt Pirate IPTV Networks * TorrentFreak

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Telefonica is recognized as one of the largest telecoms companies in the world but as owner of Movistar and 50% owner of Virgin Media, it also has significant subscription TV rights to protect. This week Telefonica announced an extended partnership with anti-piracy company Nagra, with the aim of boosting capabilities to identify and disrupt large-scale pirate IPTV services. Telefonica, meanwhile, has tools of its own under development.

iptv-smallThree-ish plus decades ago, telecoms companies were best known for installing analog telephones in people’s homes and sending paper bills through the mail to be paid by check.

Many later branched out into the lucrative mobile phone market, but as operators of wired telephone networks, major phone companies all over the world would soon become the gatekeepers of a brave new world – the internet. While that was exciting for a while, with little opportunity for added value, selling a commodity product like bandwidth…

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