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Telegram Block Averted For Now But Escalating Threat is Far From Over * TorrentFreak

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A week ago today in Spain’s National Court, a judge rubber-stamped a request from rightsholders to have Telegram blocked in its entirety, nationwide. Following a fierce backlash, execution of the order was suspended, representing a victory of sorts for the eight million or so users of Telegram in Spain. What seems clear, however, is that in one form or another, these types of actions seem unlikely to go away.

blockedFor almost a quarter of a century a subset of internet activists have equated certain types of piracy mitigation measures to censorship and attacks on free speech.

A sampling of opinions on this controversial topic would likely place sentiments like these at the edge of a spectrum, acting as a perfect counterbalance to equally extreme positions adopted by a subset of particularly aggressive rightsholders.

An order to block Telegram in its entirety, handed down last week by a court in Spain, gave the latter group the kind of victory dreams are…

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