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Terminate Future Piracy? You’re Talking About Things I Haven’t Done Yet * TorrentFreak

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Sites subjected to a DMCA takedown notice should consider removing the content in question or contesting the claim. But consider this scenario. To reduce piracy, Google accepts DMCA takedown notices for URLs that don’t yet exist in its indexes. So what happens if you receive a ‘future piracy’ notice that’s clearly bogus? A DMCA counter notice won’t work; they’re talking about things you haven’t even done yet.

things-i-havent-done-yet“You’re talking about things I haven’t done yet, in the past tense. It’s driving me crazy. Are you sure you have the right person?”

Sarah Connor’s bewilderment in the 1984 masterpiece The Terminator is convincing. Important actions she was yet to take had already led to events happening in the future; the Terminator’s job was travel back from the future and stop her doing the stuff she hadn’t even done yet.

Determining the Future

Time travel never makes sense in movies and the text of the DMCA makes no attempt to address…

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