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The EU Wants Its Own DNS Resolver that Can Block ‘Unlawful’ Traffic * TorrentFreak

eu-flagThe Domain Name System has been an essential component of the Internet since the mid-eighties.

DNS resolvers make it possible to map a human-readable domain name to an IP-address, so a website or service can be easily located. Older people also call it the Internet’s phone book.

Nowadays, there are several large DNS resolvers. Many ISPs operate their own but third-party DNS services are very popular too. The most used third-party options include Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS and Norton, which are all US-based. This large foreign footprint has the EU worried.


To offer some balance to the American dominance in the DNS industry, Europe is proposing its own alternative titled DNS4EU. Last week the European Commission published a call for proposals, which also describes in detail what features the government-controlled DNS resolver should offer.

The project overview makes it clear that DNS4EU is meant to protect the privacy of end-users and keep them secure.

“DNS4EU shall…

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