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‘The New York Times Needs More than ‘Imagined Fears’ to Block AI Innovation’ * TorrentFreak

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The legal battle between The New York Times and Microsoft over ChatGPT’s alleged copyright infringement has the potential to be a landmark case. |In court this week, Microsoft responded by reiterating its request to dismiss several key claims. The newspaper took its VCR comparison too literally, the company notes, stressing that ‘imagined fears’ alone are not sufficient to block AI innovation.

newsprintStarting last year, various rightsholders have filed lawsuits against companies that develop AI models.

The list of complainants includes record labels, book authors, visual artists, and even the New York Times. These rightsholders all object to the presumed use of their work to train AI models without proper compensation.

The New York Times lawsuit targets OpenAI and Microsoft, who have both filed separate motions to dismiss this month. Microsoft’s response included a few paragraphs equating the recent AI fears to the doom and gloom scenarios that were painted…

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