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The Pirate Bay’s Oldest Torrent is Now 20 Years Old * TorrentFreak

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While the majority of The Pirate Bay’s users download recent content, some older torrents still manage to survive. An episode of the Swedish TV series “High Chaparral” celebrated its twentieth anniversary recently. Other older torrents, including a copy of the documentary “Revolution OS”, also remain active after two decades.

pirate bay logoWhen The Pirate Bay first came online, in the second half of 2003, the ‘internet’ looked nothing like it does today.

A Harvard student had yet to start writing the first lines of code on a new idea, called “TheFacebook”. YouTube wasn’t around yet either, and the same was true for the smartphones that dominate people’s lives today.

At the time, all popular entertainment was consumed offline. People interested in watching a movie could use the Internet to buy a DVD at one of the early webshops, or sign up with Netflix, which shipped discs through the mail. However, on-demand access was simply not a thing. At least, not…

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