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Threats Motivate Pirates & Boost Engagement * TorrentFreak

tachiyomitachiyomiFor those not fully engaged in the global manga/webtoon phenomenon, the scale and depth can be a little bewildering.

Fans are knowledgeable, passionate, and growing in numbers, with many older enthusiasts having been introduced to the content via pirate sites, at a time when content was impossible to buy legally.

Availability is much improved today but old habits die hard; pirate sites haven’t gone away either, a major challenge for content owners everywhere, in every content category.

One of the companies attempting to reduce piracy of its ‘webtoon’ content is South Korea-based Kakao Entertainment. Unlike other large copyright holders that have coupled strong anti-piracy responses with generally moderate public profiles, Kakao prefers a different approach. The company’s anti-piracy team constantly engages with the public on social media, often with controversial results.


Of course, Kakao is entitled to these freedoms. The company owns the content it seeks to protect and…

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