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TikTok Copyright Notices Up Again in 2023, Success Rate Collapses to 56% * TorrentFreak

tiktok-logo-2024Reports seem to vary but if servicing a billion users each month sounds like a lot, TikTok is on a mission to push way beyond that.

Early January 2018, the platform acknowledged it had around 55 million global users then in December the same year, that figure had suddenly grown to 271 million.

A year later, 271 million ballooned to over 500 million, then a year after that, over 700 million users were active on TikTok every month.

While not yet in the same league as Facebook with its user base of over 3.5bn, TikTok’s format is also proving popular among its competitors, many of which drew inspiration from TikTok before launching their own, functionally similar services.

Another thing they have in common is copyright complaints. These are the unavoidable reality of expecting the public to think twice before bashing the like, subscribe, upload, and equivalent buttons, when there’s almost nothing to prevent them from doing so whenever they please.

TikTok Says Creators Are…

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