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Toei YouTube Blitz Shows That ‘Law of Content ID’ Can Trample Fair Use * TorrentFreak

totallynotmarkThe 634K-subscriber YouTube channel ‘Totally Not Mark’ is in peril this morning after what can be described as a copyright takedown blitz by Japan-based animation company Toei.

Famous for the Dragon Ball and One Piece series, among others, Toei Animation’s products are regularly reviewed in quite remarkable depth and detail by manga fanatic Mark Fitzpatrick, whose channel has in excess of 124 million views. Whether that can continue is up for debate.

“My name is Mark Fitzpatrick and my career is in jeopardy,” a video posted to YouTube begins. “Over the last 24 hours I’ve sat back in disbelief, shock and sorrow as my life’s work has been unfairly ripped away from me.”

Earlier this week Mark received an email saying that 15 of his videos had been copyright claimed by Toei. An hour later the number had grown to 28. By the time he published his latest video, the number of videos taken down by Toei had exceeded 150, a library that represents almost three years’…

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