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Top Russian Official Thanks Pirates For Enabling Access to ‘Enemy’ Content * TorrentFreak

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Former Russian President Dimitry Medvedev used Telegram yesterday to thank pirates who developed programs to enable access to “expensive intellectual products” owned by Russia’s enemies. In future, everything from movies to industrial software will be pirated, Medvedev said.. All that remains is the adoption of the rules.

dmitry-medvedevRussia’s invasion of Ukraine coupled with retaliatory measures and dangerous brinkmanship threatens to destabilize the entire planet.

When a broad coalition of countries imposed sanctions on Russia last year, the goal was to limit Putin’s ability to wage war without resorting to war itself.

Sanctions were ostensibly crafted to curtail military capability while meting out punishment to Russia’s elite. They were never likely to deliver results overnight or be precise enough to avoid collateral damage, as entertainment and software companies are now acutely aware.

Intellectual Property, More Conflict

Thus far, diminished access to…

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