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Torrent Site Switched Domains 39 Times This Year to Evade ISP Blocks * TorrentFreak

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Spanish torrent site DonTorrent has taken the domain name whack-a-mole game to a new level. Responding to local site blocking measures, the site has used 40 domain names this year. Anti-piracy forces are also trying to frustrate the site in other ways but, thus far, without much result.

dontorrentdontorrentWebsite blocking is the entertainment industry’s preferred anti-piracy strategy in dozens of countries.

Targeting domain names of pirate sites can be an effective way to deter casual pirates. When a site can no longer be easily located, some users may give up, especially since Google now deindexes blocked domains as well.

Popular pirate sites have been familiar with these measures for years now. While some simply ignore the issue, hoping that users will find a way around it, others are actively pushing back. Spanish torrent site DonTorrent falls in the latter category.

With millions of monthly visitors, DonTorrent is a force to be reckoned with. The site is particularly…

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