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TorrentFreak Turns 18 Today (Hospital Edition) * TorrentFreak

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TorrentFreak celebrates its eighteenth birthday today. When the site took the first steps of its online journey, self-publishing was still a relatively new phenomenon on the Internet. Looking back, I’m happy that I installed WordPress and gave it a try. It turned out to be a life-changer.

tftfOn November 12, 2005, I started a ‘blog’ to share news snippets and information about emerging file-sharing technology. At the time it would’ve been unthinkable that it would still draw visitors in 2023. But here we are.

Running a site like this on your own is impossible, so luckily Andy joined TF in 2006. Without his tireless input, the site wouldn’t be where it is today. I couldn’t have wished for a better partner to work alongside, period.

With two main writers and no other editorial staff we’re just a tiny operation compared to most other news sites. This means that we can’t cover every news story. Instead, we often try to focus on unique…

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