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TorrentGalaxy Goes Offline With Mysterious Message to Users * TorrentFreak

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Popular torrent site TorrentGalaxy has gone ‘offline’ overnight. While downtime is quite common for pirate sites, a mysterious statement by the team is open for interpretation, leading some to believe that it will not return anytime soon. Since the site is a prominent source of new movie and TV show releases, this is a big deal.

torrentgalaxyIn little over five years, TorrentGalaxy has grown out to become a leading player in the torrent ecosystem.

The site originally set out to ‘bridge the gap‘ between torrent and streaming sites, but it became much more than that.

With a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community, TorrentGalaxy provided a safe haven for many avid torrenters. The disappearance of other key torrent sources, including the demise of RARBG last year, made TorrentGalaxy’s position as a torrent distribution portal increasingly important.

TorrentGalaxy Goes Offline

Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that users are…

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