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Triller Abandons Multi-Million ‘Jake Paul’ Fight Copyright Infringement Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

TrillerJake Paul vs Ben Askren was one the most-hyped boxing events of recent years, despite the former having limited experience in the boxing ring and the latter having none.

Askren was quickly knocked out in the Triller-promoted match, giving fans poor value for their PPV spend. Well, those who paid for it, at least.

Soon after the event was over, Triller promised a scorched-earth approach to all pirates, from those who simply watched the fight to those who allegedly facilitated access to it. Almost a year down the line the legal campaign is mirroring the success of Askren, if we take Askren’s significant purse out of the equation.

Chasing Down FilmDaily

The first big legal assault targeted many services and individuals said to have pirated the fight. The first site on the list was which together with the other defendants (we’ll come to some of those later), found themselves on the end of a $100m damages claim filed in April 2021.

Just a few weeks later a judge…

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