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Trump Doesn’t Deserve Copyright Win Over Eddie Grant But Still Might Get One * TorrentFreak

Donald TrumpFormer President Trump is one of the most interesting characters to ever appear on the American political landscape.

Trump’s ability to attract and generate controversy will go down in history, as will his numerous appearances in copyright infringement lawsuits.

Musician Eddy Grant filed a complaint against Trump in 2020 and three years later there’s little positivity to report for anyone involved.

Ignorance and Emotion Fuel Fire

The background to the lawsuit can be summarized as follows: during the presidential election campaign, someone affiliated with Trump and his campaign posted this animation on Twitter depicting a struggling Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign’s decision to include the 1982 hit ‘Electric Avenue’ as background music infuriated Eddy Grant, the British singer-songwriter behind the track. While his song being used without permission provided Grant with a legal avenue for retaliation, court filings made it clear that Grant was deeply offended that his…

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