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TV Museum Will Die in 48 Hours Unless Sony Retracts YouTube Copyright Strikes * TorrentFreak

fuzzymemoriesThe advent of the internet and its subsequent development in the mainstream have given rise to a perpetual, collaborative, global recording machine that would’ve been unimaginable 40+ years ago.

Back then, videotape recording machines were cutting edge and a type developed by Sony was fighting for its life. Since Sony’s Betamax-format recorders were able to record TV shows, studios including Universal and Disney sought to hold Sony liable for users’ alleged copyright infringements. In 1984 the Supreme Court ultimately sided with Sony but had the decision gone the other way, the chilling effect on the video market would’ve been incalculable.

The Museum of Classic Chicago Television

Through the prism of history, The Museum of Classic Chicago Television owes much to Sony’s win in the Betamax case; quite possibly its very existence. Like many labors of love, its beginnings were humble.

After finding a 1983 episode of “The Bozo Show” on an old videocassette, Rick Klein –…

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