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Twitch Streamers Deliberately Get Themselves Banned For Copyright Infringement * TorrentFreak

TwitchTwitch is best known for its video game live streaming but over time user behavior has taken the platform in new directions.

Of course, variety is great for the community, especially when fresh ideas inspire creativity and push the boundaries to enable progress.

But what happens when some of the platform’s most popular streamers jump onto a trend that most people know is likely to land both them and Twitch in hot water?

TV Show Piracy on Twitch

Since Twitch users are in control of what content they put out, the site’s terms and conditions (and the law) are essentially the only barriers to creativity. Stay within those parameters and all is fine but step outside and trouble can lie ahead. Given these basics, sticking to the rules shouldn’t be particularly difficult for streamers but for reasons best known to them, some are deliberately going rogue.

One of the latest trends on Twitch appears to be an extension of so-called ‘reaction’ videos. In these latest cases,…

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