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Twitch-Streaming Destiny 2 Teen Cheater Fails in Bid to Shake Bungie Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

Destiny 2After filing a series of lawsuits against cheat developers, cheat sellers, resellers, and even gamers who use cheats, there’s little doubt that Bungie views cheating as a threat to its business.

After a Washington court awarded Bungie $6.7 million in damages against LaviCheats on Monday, the company scooped a damages award of $16.2m in the same court (but in a different case) on Tuesday.

For the sole defendant in yet another Bungie lawsuit, filed at exactly the same court in 2022, these headlines should make for uncomfortable reading. While the case doesn’t feature a cheat developer or seller, Bungie has shown few signs that it’s prepared to back down from its mission to stamp out game tampering.

Twitch Streamer Feels The Heat

In its July 2022 complaint, Bungie targeted a Twitch user who reportedly live streamed himself cheating in Destiny 2 while evading multiple bans. When it became apparent that the user was just 17-years-old, his name was removed from the docket and…

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