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Twitch Users Can Now ‘Stream’ Movies & TV Shows Without Fear of DMCA Strikes * TorrentFreak

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Streaming copyright protected content on UGC platforms without permission can be a recipe for disaster. Certainly, popular music and movies present a serious risk of copyright strikes but thanks to a new tool called Tenami, it is now possible for Twitch users to ‘stream’ Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max content and more, without incurring the wrath of the DMCA gods.

TwitchThe idea that regular internet users could find themselves regularly concerned at the thought of being targeted by a copyright complaint would’ve been dismissed as scare tactics just a few short years ago. But

In 2021, the reality is all too clear.

With the rise of social media platforms and user-generated content sites, the lowliest of netizens can find themselves tripping over copyright law and with the potential to lose valuable accounts, it’s something to take seriously.

Users of Twitch, for example, have experienced plenty of problems during the last couple of years after some…

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