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Twitter Hunts Down Github User Who Leaked Company’s Source Code * TorrentFreak

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On March 31, Twitter is set to open source its recommendation algorithm. Until then, someone on a more urgent timeline has published Twitter code in public. A GitHub repo containing Twitter’s “proprietary source code”was taken down by Twitter last Friday. TorrentFreak can confirm that Twitter is taking legal action to identify the leaker.

pirate twitterOn February 21, 2023, Twitter chief Elon Musk published a tweet suggesting that Twitter’s algorithm would be “made open source” before the end of that month.

Before he took ownership of Twitter, Musk said that having the code out in the open would be a smart move, but the end of February came and went, without any code appearing in public.

On March 17, Musk raised the topic once again. “Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 31st,” he tweeted. With the clock ticking on that event, someone with apparently similar plans but a more urgent publishing schedule, has taken…

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