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U.S. Calls Out EU Member States For Piracy Failings in Trade Barriers Report * TorrentFreak

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The Foreign Trade Barriers Report published by the office of the USTR outlines “significant barriers” to exports, investment, and commerce. On IP-related matters, the latest report features criticism of China, several countries in South America, Russia, and other permanent fixtures in the annual publication. However, at the heart of the EU, Germany is also accused of not doing enough to protect U.S. interests, and has Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania for company.

trade barriersThe U.S. Foreign Trade Barriers Report is an annual publication by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

The report aims to draw attention to matters that represent “significant foreign barriers” to U.S. exports, investment, and commerce.

These barriers typically revolve around copyright infringement and other intellectual property matters, data privacy, and handling of trade secrets, but there’s no shortage of problems in other areas that fall outside our…

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