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U.S. Govt Launches Consultation on Upload Filters and Other Anti-Piracy Tools * TorrentFreak

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The U.S. Copyright Office has launched a public consultation to evaluate various technical measures that can identify and protect copyrighted content online. With help from various stakeholders and the public at large, the Office hopes to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of these tools, including upload filters, and the potential role of the Government.

pirate-flagA year ago, Senator Thom Tillis released a discussion draft of the “Digital Copyright Act” (DCA) a potential successor to the current DMCA.

The DCA envisions thorough changes to the way online intermediaries approach the piracy problem. Among other things, they would have to ensure that pirated content stays offline after it’s taken down once.

This takedown and staydown approach would rely on technical protection tools, which include upload filters. This is a sensitive subject that previously generated quite a bit of pushback when the EU drafted its Copyright Directive….

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